Monday, June 23, 2014

Serving Others

Our second week started out with some volunteer work at Safe Haven to help get ready for their open house day.

Some of it was doing their regular work, cleaning and feeding the animals.

While I was spreading mulch, a few doves sat on me.

Then Fireball Coyote took over.

Birds and all.

It's even happened to Pumpkin in the past.

Pumpkin got to clean the ferrets cage inside and out.

After our work time we cleaned ourselves up, had some computer time, work with dad in the shop time, and watched Alice In Wonderland.  During our viewing hubby got a call from his mom about a dog.  There's been some uneasy things happening in the neighborhood and he's been wanting a Doberman or a German Shepard.  The one wondering around her complex, she thought had doberman in it.  So we went to check it out and came home with him.  The dog wasn't exactly what hubby wanted, but the dog took right to the kids, listened VERY well, is neutered, older, and well behaved.
We named him
D - O - G
sounds like

Everyone had a hand on drilling holes in these wood blocks for VBS.
 That started Monday and went all week.
This years theme
Promise Land or Bust
Wilderness Road Adventures

The holes we drilled were used to hold tools for tooling and stamping leather.
Some examples.
Hearing about what they will be doing and brainstorming their idea.

Tuesday they did Xbox Minecraft and in the afternoon was a teen program.  Fireball Coyote got to join in since Pumpkin was the only "teen" there.
They did Alka Seltzer Canons.

(sorry for the blurry picture. only 2 I took)
Then it was off to VBS.

Wednesday, I helped my friend "Sunshine" out and worked for her while she went to a class for her in-home day care.  The boys played with her daughter on her computer and the Wii.

 Thursday was a Xbox360 Minecraft day. With VBS at night.

Friday, we headed to Musgrove Mill's waterfall for a park day with other friends.  (this was post-poned from the first Friday of the month.)

So we took D - O - G.  :-)

Sadly, from all the rain the water was muddy.
Some where in this photo is a crayfish about 3 inches that Fireball Coyote found.

Two buddies.

We even had science with the tadpoles.

And tadpole eggs.

Sadly, with the number one trash, cigarettes.

Fireball Coyote talking with other children about D - O - G.
 The boys and our friends son walked back to the battle field area, a 1.3 mile walk one way.  When there they said there was a sign that talked about the battle.  Pumpkin read the whole sign since it was in cursive and no one else could read it. (one proud mom here!)

Then to VBS to finish our leather work.
Pumpkin's , a knife and flashlight holder and dad's keychain.

Mine and Fireball Coyotes.
(they thought the L was a J. he's ok w/ that)

Saturday, Pumpkin worked with dad and Fireball Coyote with me in the house.  Then all the boys worked in the shop.

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