Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Week of Our New School Year

Just in general ...

I CAN'T believe how BIG my boys have gotten!

So now, on to the first week.
The boys worked outside and in the shop all day with dad.
Then took a tractor ride.

Monday night was karate.

The boys both had a red strip placed on their belts after this.

This is "Feathers" or "Jungle Feathers", our chicken.
She's too busy "pouting" and isn't putting out eggs now. :-(

Pumpkin 'driving' the truck as dad walks beside it.
I asked him how it was compared to the volvo.
He said it was easier.

Tuesday, the boys worked at Safe Haven.  Then they did what's been happening a lot, Xbox360 Minecraft.  Then is was down to the shop with dad, tractor rides and visiting the neighbors.

On Wednesday, we did a "homeschooler" lesson with Safe Haven and Educational Adventures.
The boys got to help set up and work it.

Sadly, this is how it started.
A handful of people.
One Homeschooling family and friends of Safe Haven's.
Sometimes it's nice to have so few people.  That way there is more individualized attention and you're not rushed to look and learn.
Rose-hair tarantula. 

Box Turtle.
American Alligator. 

Ziggy Stardust the iguana. 

Rosie the prairie dog.
Ziggy getting ready to travel.  
Ferrets Fred and George.
Some people have wondered in off the street :-)
Everyone's favorite, Kelia.

"May I count her toes?"

The boys learned what it take to put on a show, how to show the animals to people, put them back in their carriers, and more.  It was a success all-in-all.

Thursday, I was out in the garden picking sugar snaps and the peas growing in this pod were catching my eye.

This years garden.

The boys scrubbed the porch.
I found on Pinterest a cool science game, Fe[26].
Fireball Coyote took right to it.

You blend the elements to form a star, I believe.

Fireball Coyote won it three times.
And continued a game till he ran out of fuel.
Friday, the boys did their Minecraft, various computer games, and chatted.  The evening brought an adventure for Pumpkin.  He attended a teen program at the library to kick off the summer reading program.  While there, Pumpkin, did their version of the Amazing Race.  He had to sort some flags to the correct countries, put some library books in numerical order, either take a sentence and put it in English from Spanish or vise versa, tonging with chopsticks marshmallows, play the original version of Mario, put the Harry Potter books in order just from the pictures, and more. While Pumpkin was racing, at home we watched The Sting.

Saturday, the boys did Minecraft and computer things.  In the afternoon it was time for 4H Archery.

Getting tips.

In the evening Fireball Coyote wrote a card to the makers of the Xbox CD Skylanders.
Sadly, their disc has a circle 'dug' into the middle from the player tipping.

When we went to find an address, we got the website to type his dilemma in.

And that's our first week.

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