Thursday, June 26, 2014

Science, Art and More

Fireball Coyote is helping dad rebuild this tractor, it's his.  Some days he's into helping more than others. On this 'good' day they scrubbed it down.

Dad accidentally watered a dragonfly.

Fireball Coyote was checking out it's white eyeballs.

Later that night they took tractor rides.

Fireball Coyote covered D-O-G in his bed & took a picture.

Was he embarrassed?

Monday was the science and art of Jeet Kune Do.
Pumpkin wanted to make a lava lamp in the teen program.
(he's in the yellow shirt by the window.)

His finished product.
It needs Alka Seltzer tablets to move.
After his class at the library we headed an hour away to Hobby Lobby for a homeschoolers art class.

Pumpkin's finished painting.
Next week we all are doing her owl painting class.

Fireball Coyote fell asleep because he was up WAY too late/early

At 1:00 AM on the 24th, Fireball Coyote and I found a cool anatomy game on Pinterest.
I sent him to his room to continue, but he went to other games till 5:45AM!
Thus, him falling asleep above.

Pumpkin's art hanging in the house.

Wednesday, we went to Duke Energy's Wednesday Days. They held a mini science camp.

We learned how to fireproof a balloon.

That water can walk.

How to skewer a balloon so it won't pop.

Laws of inertia.

The boys stood to see what was happening.

For this we went outside.
but first they got to try 

The plasma ball and getting hair to stand up.

Mentos , Diet Coke and Sprite time!

The Diet Coke went higher because of the artificial sweetener.

Then it was time for the other hands on energy devices and

The self guided tour.
(watching the starting movie in the black light room)

How they help the water levels flow between the lakes.

Coal becoming energy.
(and my fire breathing dragon,)

The atom room.

How the plant works making nuclear energy.

Looking out at the plant and its areas with our friends.

Listening to the sound each one makes.

Testing his knowledge in saving electricity.
They seem to get it right here, but not at home.

Koi ponds and other exhibits downstairs.
Pumpkin took these last pictures.  He said he wants to build something like this on his Minecraft game.

Building one of the reactors cylinders. 

Sending parts down the local waterways.

The water tower designed to look like an atom.
Then we walked around their small butterfly garden and headed home.

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