Friday, May 23, 2014

Wrapping Up The Year

One thing I forgot to mention in the past few posts is that Pumpkin (and kind-of Fireball Coyote) are in to yo-yo-ing. YES! The yo-yo is back!  Mom is LOVING it! It goes easy on a pocket, or the extra one  in my purse. Keeps them entertained. Has math and science properties.  Most of all Is Fun.  :-)   GO YO-YO!

Monday late afternoon was martial arts time.

Tuesday, the boys worked in the morning with their animal friends. Then it was Xbox and computer time.

On Wednesday, they had their last Latin class till fall. Fireball Coyote wasn't feeling well and napped when we got home for two hours.  Dad and Pumpkin yo-yo-ed.  Later in the night we watched Nature's The Gathering Swarm.  Pumpkin said he was going to have nightmares.  Some of it was creepy!  Then Nova's Bombing Hitler's Dams.

Thursday was cleaning day.  It also happened to be drive mom up a wall day, too.  The cleaning came in spurts with LOTS of fighting, bickering, yelling and screaming, ... and more. My nerves were shot.

Friday at Roper Mountain was Homeschool Day.  

The boys did a fossil dig.

The spent the most time here, I think out of the whole day.

Comparing the wing span of an albatross.  

Grinding corn for the chicken at the farm.

Having a lesson at the 1900 schoolhouse.

A picnic lunch with out martial arts friends.

Pumpkin getting ready to make a ping-pong ball launcher.

While Fireball Coyote makes a chicken clucker.

At one point after this picture, Pumpkin cut his own finger.
It wasn't too bad, and he just thought about if his fingers were safe before he cut.
Then he saw blood.
It took a bit to get it to stop, but he was fine.

Finished product.

Them he moved on to the ping-pong shooter.

Just missed.

This one made it in the cup.

There was Ipad apps the kids could try. 

They both enjoyed Electric Box 2 SO much they
begged dad to download it on his phone.
He did.  :-)

We were going to go to the Scottish day parade,
but changed our minds after the days events.
So, I let them unwind when we got home on the computer and Xbox.
Tomorrow we sleep in (YEAH!).  Then go to a movie at Easley  library to see the Muppets (YES!).  Then it will be grocery shopping and who knows what else.

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