Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Past Week In May

Was Mother's Day and a nice Brunch at Tucker's. YUM!  We later that evening discovered  Fox TV's Cosmos: A Space Odyssey.
Our week was slow going till Friday.  We were to pick strawberries, but things didn't work out in the morning to do that.   :-(
However, the afternoon brought the last 4h sew club for a few months.  Then on to the Greek Food Fest in Greenville.  The boys have not been to St. George's since they were babies.

We started with a tour of the church.
They were reluctant at first, but really enjoyed it and learned something too.  ;-)
 Then it was on to dinner. A TOTALLY new experience for them, Greek food.  The boys had Pastichio (P "it's ok" FC LOVED it), (P) Spanakopita ("Needs tomatoes"), and (FC) Tiropita ("Yuck"!).  I had Athenian Chicken, Greek Potatoes, and Spanakopita.  Then it was on to the desserts! With many to go.
While we were eating all I heard from Fireball Coyote was "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"
"For what?"
"For all of THIS! It's ... It's ... It's Amazing!"
:-) Go Mom!  :-)
After eating we watched some dancers.
Then got dad a Gyro and the boys some small souvenirs.

Fireball Coyote was my mirror and gas man.
Saturday, Pumpkin went to work with dad and helped out.  Fireball Coyote and I went grocery shopping, then to a book signing for Safe Haven. ( I like this link about it too.) Later that night we played the game Sorry Fire and Ice.

we hung out on the computer till early evening.
Pumpkin cut grass and Fireball Coyote rode his bike.
Then we watched Fox's Cosmos: A Space Odyssey.

There was a conversation between the boys, Monday morning, that went pretty much like this ~

(FC) Pumpkin, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I am mean to you, beat you up sometimes and things. I don't know why I do it, but I'm sorry.  I love you.

(P) Sometimes there are things in life that are annoying and you love them the most. And I love you.  I'd miss you and be lonely without you.

I have to say, my heart smiled at that moment.  I was nervous where the conversation would lead, but I think it ended well. 

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