Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Believe We Are Back

After many computer crashes, "It's mine, not yours" rounds for computers, and getting all the pictures together from various phones and cameras, I think I'm good to go.

There will be a few posts of just pictures with brief descriptions of what we've been up to since November, till I get closer to "now".

The boys bought dinner one night, with their money  :-)

They helped dad stain wood for his shop

Fireball Coyote learned how to use the Lawn Boy mower.

Pumpkin found a papers wasp net that blew out of our tree.

The boys started 4H shot gun club.

November missing pictures ~
Second Saturday Space day, a walking tour of Downtown Gaffney and a Post Office Exhibit they were displaying.

There wasn't much going on for December til the end of the month for us.

We went north after Christmas day to meet my Grand-Nephew
and celebrate the Christmas and New Year's there.

I was SO proud of my boys!
They sat through a Catholic church service, and a baptism.
It was a beautiful day!
We got to see many friends and relatives and had fun with everyone! The boys got to do a "Pittsburgh" New Years and enjoyed it SO much better than ours here.
While there we went to the aviary and had a great time with one of their Aunts.

And got to hold the baby one more time before we left. 

When we cam back we did a fund raiser with Safe Haven at a local hockey game.

Attending RMSC Second Saturday, Giants of Land and Sea.

Dissecting a squid.

Fireball Coyote was happy because "Other Brother" was there working an exhibit with his parents.
So they got to pal around the center.
We have also started taking their friends from soccer, that they sometimes have sleepovers with.
They taught Fireball Coyote how to play chess and he beat everyone of them.
(If he learned it right from them)

We did a homeschool tour of our local court house.
Look who went straight to the judge's chair!

This also helped the boys understand what went on the day I had jury duty.
We also saw the room where the juries debate.
 The boys did a Saturday lab class on electricity. (didn't get pictures)

We did a auditory class about the history of stain glass.

The snow came south!   :-)
 The car broke at the end of January, so we were doing things at home for about two weeks.
Chautauqua started and Pumpkin, MIL and I heard about Madam Curie.
(Fireball was sick and we'll be doing this again)

RMSC second Saturday STEMs day and trying out the segways.

Welding , making concrete hearts, Lego robotics,  and more.

We also, in February, (no pictures of) a business meeting with Safe Haven, volunteering at Safe Haven (still), making "Redneck Wine glasses" at the library on Valentine's Day, watching a production of Narnia (25 acts!),  soccer practice with a new rec center :-) , 4H Sewing Club, Human Body Saturday Lab, and various movies ~ Planes, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and more.

Next post March, April and May ~

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