Sunday, May 18, 2014

March and April

March out with a soccer game for Pumpkin in Easley instead of Pickens. It was SO nice to know when the games were, he had practices during the week, we knew when the party was too!  AWESOME!!!
Then followed, 4H shotgun club, painting our pottery from way back when, and Latin lessons still swapping every other week for the boys.
The first full weekend in March Dad and Fireball Coyote went to Alabama for a plow day weekend and Pumpkin had a sleep over with some friends then we went to RMSC for Nano Technology Day.
There was many soccer practices Monday and Thursday nights, Kids Club at the Mennonite Church, playdates, and a Chautauqua, Clara Barton lecture.

 April brought Fireball Coyote's birthday,
Checking out Traveler Rest's library before

Bubble Lab

4H Archery after a soccer game and before a birthday party.

Learning how to back up a car.

Writing Thank You's for their XBox and Minecraft game.

Pumpkin's Lego Skystone's game from Skylanders Giants.

 Both boys had a work Saturday with dad at his job, sew club 4H, a Martial Arts graduation to orange belt, lunch with Pumpkin's best-friend and park time before Latin class,  Starry, Starry Night at RMSC and observing Jupiter with the neighbor kids and sleep over. Then to the movie Walking with Dinosaurs after a soccer game. Followed by lunch out and into the evening with XBox and computer time.

We got a tour of a local stone quarry.

The Pit

A chute that rocks go up to get crushed from 6 inches to 3 inches. 

Mineral deposits in the wall.

Not as big as their dad drove back in the day, but big.

A rock that needs to be re-broke to be crushed.

Down towards the "flat" mountain in the middle, is where we started.

The chute the crushed 6 inch rocks go up to become smaller.


Two trucks coming to dump.

Stone sorting area.

Our tour guide, Tony. 

Even a train came by.
The quarry was built by the railroad back in the day.

My "monkey" in a tree.

We saw at Duke Energy a skit,
Showdown at Resource Ranch.

The boys wanted to play Roblox one day so we headed to the library.

I heard there was a special on Liberty Kids.
I showed it to the boys and they were up to 2AM watching
several episodes. So dad said buy it!  :-)

 We had dentist appointments this month too.

No cavities :-)

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