Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rain, Computers, Rain, PBS, Rain, & Cooking

Sunday, the kids played and played and played outside ALL afternoon :-)  It was Great!!!!

Monday,  we were bums most of the day.  It was rainy, drab, and blah.  In the late afternoon we went to the chiropractor, then on to a computer programming class. It is 6 weeks of FREE, hour and a half long every Monday, hands on, programming!!! (YEAH BABY!!!)  That night, we got off to a rough start, Pumpkins computer wouldn't connect to the web, but it would connect to the server they had.  Not sure why, but we're goin' in early Monday to work the kinks out, we hope!  Meanwhile, Fireball Coyote used the teachers computer and was getting the hang of  it, till he was overwhelmed.  So, Pumpkin took over and got a 30 minute "crash course" from a helper there. Now, if we can only get the programs to run at home, we'll be fine.

Tuesday, was more drenching rains, more blah, and Pumpkin's Latin.

Wednesday, rain, blah, blah, blah, aaagain ( I HaTe the winter Jan. & Feb. in the south!!! GIVE ME MY SNOW!!!)  So, as with the boys daily computer time (AJ, blogging, and other computer games), the usual morning PBS kid shows as the past two days,  we add the movie The Lorax in to the mix.  Ending the evening PBS line-up ~ we normally watch Nature, but there was a State Address from the governor on  & we watched Newsline - NHK World TV, and since  Nova was a repeat we decided to watch TinTin and switch to Life of Fire at 10pm. ( each has their own link)
The boys have also been more apt to do chores around the house, since dad said they need to do them to get more computer time.  It's been not too bad, I get things done without asking and begging, they get extra time to use now or later.  There is a bit of whining, but they find something to get time with.

Thursday, rain, rain, rain, changing to snow flurries later ( :-) YEAH! ~ we'll see!)  So the day was filled with tickle bugs, computer time, PBS Kids, more computer time, more PBS Kids, and talking about the Valentines to work on for a Valentine exchange via mail with 30 kids.

Friday, no snow :0(    BUT it was a cool, sunny day!  Perfect for a homeschool field trip to Earth Fare with a store tour, mini- smoothie cooking class, playdate at Cleveland Park, and star gazing at Walhalla, SC at an up an coming observatory.  What a great way to end the day! 

Saturday, the kids did some "dad assigned chores" then went to a neighbors house and played for 3 hours there with his daughter.  Fireball Coyote was in the mood to watch the Lorax again.  Then he noticed Market Warriors was on and we watched that after the Lorax and History Detectives.  Pumpkin and I watched while Fireball Coyote and dad searched for parts on the internet and watched YouTube videos. 

Since the breaks on the car are "ruined" the week will be limited ~ We have pre-planned the computer class Monday, a picnic playdate & Latin on Tuesday, and for me a night out with my friend on Friday.  Time for me to play with clay! It will be fun to see what things we get into here.

Have a Great week!

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