Monday, January 14, 2013

New Friends, Etiquette & Second Saturday

One of the things that Santa brought was the pop and Mentos Geyser set.

That's COOL!

How the Mentos look after the chemical reaction
Lately the boys have made friends with the neighbor next door.  So far their friendship seems to be going well.   We also made another new friend on Tuesday and had a playdate at the park.  We were hoping they would make it to Second Saturday, but didn't.

The boys have been playing outside a lot now that the weather is getting nicer, still playing Animal Jam (with a Christmas present membership), watching our usual morning and evening shows, including Nature, Nova & Life of Fire and Fireball Coyote has been chasing dragons.

 Upstate Field Trip Friends ~
Homeschool field trip on etiquette

Introducing others in the group

Second Saturday @ RMSC  H2Oceans
Pumpkin would LOVE to have a tree frog!
Aren't they cute ;-)
Fireball Coyote was surprised at how it felt after refusing 2x's
In the rain-forest area Fireball Coyote found a dragon hiding spot and snapped this.  (He is SO into dragons right now!)

Ball python in the rain-forest

Bearded Dragon

They really enjoyed making Cyber Squids!  You can even track it when you go back in.

Fireball Coyote built a coral reef fish while Pumpkin made more squids and then ...

Worked with buoyancy.  The goal was to get the film canister to float in the middle,  not rise/float or sink.

Coloring some fish and turtles

Fireball Coyote made a buoyancy canister too while Pumpkin & I played "The Travels of Trash" (he won).  Then Fireball & I played a game (he won too).

We also checked out the effects waves have in the ocean
Later this week ~ a new computer programming class (6 weeks FREE!!!), Latin, PBS lineup, a cooking class at Earth Fare w/ the Field Trip Group, and maybe a playdate (weather permitting).

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