Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'mmmm Baaackkkk! :-)

Not sure if Blogger upped their loading capacity or if since it's the new year I get more again. (I'm going with the latter.)

SO ..... so far we have ~
Been hanging out with Star Wars characters.

Doing Latin until Christmas, then started again Jan. 8th.


Measuring out dad's shop

Box scrapping it

A roller skating birthday party

Hanging out at the library

Bicks 4 Kidz

(camera was set wrong) Putting up Christmas decorations

Upcountry History Museum and learning about local Indians.

Pumpkin had the idea to decorate the freezer with ice-icicles.   (LOL ... LOVE IT!)

Fireball Coyote made Kiss cookies

I made Ice Cream cone trees and Yellow snow popcorn for a fiends Christmas party.

Went to the towns parade

Helped dad with tractors

Cut down our tree

Pumpkin made Friend a Christmas gift with Hershey Kiss wrappers.

Went to the zoo

Watched Kiko, the baby we watched being born

Field trip tour

The weather girls job and what she does

Trying out the green screen

Where all the news is "prepped" for the reporter

That was just the highlights of the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year.

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