Saturday, November 17, 2012


November started off with a party.  My friends 40th Surprise Birthday Party.  Let's just say it's one he won't forget! ;-)

Monday the 5th we headed back to the doctors, since both were sick.  In the evening Pumpkin had his All-Star Soccer game, sadly the lost 12-0.
Lately, the boys have been BIG time into the FB games, Social Empires and Dragon City. (It's been making me CRAZY!)
On Tuesday they had "art" with Nona and Pumpkin would up having an unpleasant time.  Nona gave him spelling words from a conversation they had and made him write five words 3X each.  He confessed, "I did it just to make her happy. I didn't want to hurt her feelings."  He also told me that he didn't feel there was as much art going on as last year.  In addition to not liking her saying, when he was done, "Why don't you get on the computer or watch TV now."

While playing Dragon City on Facebook, Pumpkin got the idea to write down all the dragons he has and their weaknesses (for battles).  In the process of doing this he realized that he now knows how to spell dragon & weaknesses :-)

Thursday, Pumpkin had part one of two at R.M.S.C. for Lego Mars Rover class.  Fireball Coyote was at our neighbors and then went to Kids Club with them.

I realized driving around when Pumpkin was in class, I don't miss traffic,  in the mornings or evenings.

Pumpkin had the camera ~ me driving.

We picked up the clay that made it through the kiln.

Went to trade the car for the truck & the boys got a dune buggy ride.

Fireball Coyote & i walked around the gardens at R.M.S.C. on Friday while Pumpkin was in another class.

Passion Flower from the Passion Vince or aka Maypop vine.

Pumpkin was in a tree identification class.  He knew everything the man talked about except one thing on leaves.  :-) After he was a bit disappointed knowing everything, but I put a positive spin on it by saying, "See you know A Lot.  More than you realize!"

Walking through the Christmas lights to be put up at the pond.

Then we went to pick up my friends kids at our home field.  Pumpkin reminisced about soccer & was mad he didn't learn the moves they did.

Fireball Coyote play with another child there.
When we went back to their house all 7 kids played various games of tag, had a snack, and watched Garfield on Nexflix.  Everyone enjoy themselves.

They gathered up leaves & jumped in them.

I didn't see Pumpkin hiding behind Fireball Coyote.

Let the Leaf battles begin!

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