Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dragons, Curiosity, and Eagle #1

Here's what the book looks like the Pumpkin has been working on.

He and I worked on some of the pictures for his book.

While on the computer Fireball Coyote heard a 'fluttering sound'.  He noticed that the butterfly hatched! :-)

Pumpkin and I started a game of Scrabble. 

We released the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

There is a child on Christian Unschooling's FB page that had surgery, Pumpkin was willing to make him a card & bookmarker.  :-)

Wednesday, we had a playdate at a local park.
In the evening we all watched the PBS line up Nature: An Origional DUCKumentary, Nova: Ultimate Mars Challenge, and NovascienceNow: What Will the Future be Like?
Pumpkin was into making mud.

Fireball Coyote went on a dragon hunt in the 100 Acre Woods.
More Dragons
Then we went to the creek to look for signs of dragons.

"Two rocks"  is what the boys call this area at the creek, appropriate. 

"Look! Dragon scat!"

"Dragon egg shells!"

"This was one of their homes!"

"Look at how they sharpened their claws!"

"WHOA! Look at THIS one!!!"

Pumpkin had fun with the color.

"This is baby dragon scat."  Then he goes on to tell us that the roads are made of dragon scat, then people put a layer of cement on top.  (gotta love his imagination!)
Later that night Pumpkin had part 2 of his Mars Rover Curiosity class and Fireball Coyote and I walked all of RMSC.

Reading some of the signs along the way.

Enjoying their Holiday Lights display.

There is an area with several high school student made boards.  We really enjoyed these.

This one Fireball Coyote noticed was made out of money!

All lids!

Into the lab.

Testing their Mars Rover.

On your mark. Get set. GO!

Fireball Coyote made dad a card & tried to address the envelope all by himself. 

We went back and made corrections so it would be accepted.
Eagle #1
Pumpkin sets up the Solitaire card game he invented, Eagle #1.

(BAD picture of the directions ~ sorry.)

Later that night the car broke down, but we still went to RMSC for the last Starry Starry Night of the year.

Showing at 8:15 PM
through November 16
"Tales of the Maya Skies" tells how the ancient Maya interwove astronomy and culture to create a stable society that spanned 2,000 years, from 500 BC to  1500 AD.  Mayan culture, life, architecture, and legends were intertwined with the ancient Maya's scientific observation and recording of planetary movements.

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