Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hair, Steel, and Food

Time for haircuts!

Mmm, no.  Humph. :-( Said Fireball Coyote.

Pumpkin was very sad since he could not get his Fohawk, because of an
upcoming event.

Fireball Coyote's turn and said how he wanted his cut, a flattop.

Looking happier now  ;-)

Then the boys sat outback and chatted as the do.

Time for Football Monopoly.

The next day we meet my sister, her husband, son, his girlfriend and their boy in town for dinner.
We checked out the outside of a German beer place and restaurant.

An amphitheater looking place next to it.

Played in the steam.

Read how they made steel here before.

 Dinner time at B.D. Mongolia!

 It was wonderful, as before.

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