Monday, June 1, 2015

September Brought

I apologize now for the sideways pictures ~ that's how they uploaded from my camera :/
Pumpkin dove hinting and getting one.

The boys talking it up at the garden.

Fireball coyote with chiro appointments for headaches
& gaming it up while waiting.

Pumpkin made dad a birthday cake.

Last cuddles with D-O-G before his owners claimed him.

Fall soccer practices started.

Reminiscing through their birth - 5 baby books.

Second Saturday Roman Days ar RMSC

Checking out the robot at RMSC for ideas for class ;-)

Then it was on to Pickens Heritage Days. 

Will today's  new pennies burn or melt?!?


Both boys start Latin Lessons again.


Upstate History Museum ~ Communities Now and Then.

Plus a Mid-evil exhibit

Push the right buttons and ...

Out pops a dragon!

Cutting and stacking wood with dad.

Fireball Coyote got the cube out of the circle that a neighbor made!

Pumpkin and & were taking calligraphy classes.

He won this from the class!

A cool phone game called Follow the Line
Before we met dad for lunch we stopped at Frog Pond Farm
only to find out they are a plant nursery.

Then it was on to lunch at The Pig

Time for soccer games!
Go Royal Pains!!!

More yard work

First squirrel. 

The Newest Family Member ~
She's a doberman mix and full of love!
Along with "Mind Craft on my Xbox", PBS shows, robotics class, volunteering, Latin, watching the Steelers, paracording, and daily life jobs.

August's Run Down

August was a packed month with
car washings

Kung Fu classes

Shoebox projector making

Decorate a pizza box for the fun of it

Art acrylic painting

Stampy Cat and Squid drawing figures placed in the Lego Ferrari 

Working the lawn mower

4H cook Club

Volunteer Appreciation day

Fun on Terraria

Ice Cream and Checkers at Aunt Sue's

While one was at a farm pollinating vegetables, the other worked

Fun with my phones art app

A meeting at the Peace Center to see what shows were coming up for the school year.

Followed by a free concert with
The Swinging Medallions

Walking from Pet Co to Walmart

A birthday party at Monkey Joe's

Another art class

A playdate at a new park with new people and old friends

Another birthday party

Playing 2048
Along with some days working with dad at work, watching out PBS shows, and Pumpkin starting Robotics at Easley High School!